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About Us

We are a couple who had not done any serious crafting until we bought a 3D printer.

When I say we, I mean I persuaded my wife it was a good idea (gadget/toy) and she has been very supportive.

As well as the famous waving cat and Benchy, we had a go at printing some other models and painting them.  I was pleased with my terminator model but I think my wife did great job painting Baby Groot (basic brush painting, no airbrush).


We wanted to do more then just print other peoples models, we wanted to design are own designs and go beyond just printing plastic models, we wanted to use the 3D printer as a tool to enable us to create with other materials.

Our finished products all have a strong link to 3D printing, either with 3D parts or moulds creted with 3D printing.

A sample of our 3D designs to print

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