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Challenger Maze

Move mouse over picture and click arrows to see the gallery.


This model requires an 11mm or 7/16" ball bearing available on Amazon and other online stores.

Insert the ball and see if you can get it through the maze, it is a 3D maze so you have to turn the cude in all directions including upside down at times.

Insert the ball at position 1 (on the top) then navigate to position 2 then to position 3 and finally back to position 1.


Print as shown with base on print bed.

This print needs very good bridging.  Unless you have settings tuned well some printers may have a problem which is why we also provide a split version you can glue together (below).

The print can be checked once complete by looking through the slits on the sides to ensure there are is no failed bridging which could block the path of the ball.

Small bridging fails can be fixed by inserting a small knife or file through the slide slits.

Print Time: 9h 25m

Filament: 92g

Supports: None

Brim: None


For those who have problems with bridging we have split the model into 5 seperate STL files so that each layer can be printed seperatly and glued together.

Before gluing we recommend lightly sanding the top of each layer (emory board is ideal for this) to ensure a good bond.

Each layer is numbered, make sure the layers are assebled in the correct order and make sure the numbers are all in the same orientation, 1 goes at the bottom.

Print Time: 8h 40m

Filament: 82g

Supports: None

Brim: None

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