Free 3D Models To Print

We have a number 3D models for free downoad you can download from this site, Thingiverse or Cults.

All of our models have been tested by printing on a Prusa Mk3 printer with PLA filament so we know they will print (at least on a Prusa Mk3 with default settings).

Files from this site will be downloaded in a zip file and can be unzipped on a stanard PC with windows.

Note: All models have been tested for printability however, they are printed at own risk.

Challenger Maze 3D model
The Challenger Maze
Can you solve this within 5 minutes?
Decision Dice 3D model
Decision Dice
When thinking is too much hard work
DEsk Tidy 3D model
Desk Tidy
Useful but not exciting
Spiral Toy 3D model
Spiral Executive Toy
Strangely addictive (print in place)
Cable Holder 3D model
Cable Holder
Simple but effective (also holds pens)
Ball Maze 3D model
3D Ball Maze
Simple but not so easy to solve