3D Models

We have some simple models for free downoad and some premium models for a small charge to help support our development of models.

All of our models have been tested by printing on a Prusa Mk3 printer with PLA filament so we know they will print (at least on a Prusa Mk3 with default settings).

Files will be downloaded in a zip file and can be unzipped on a stanard PC with windows.

Note: We reserve the right to change models between Premium and Free depending on demand and age.  Purchase of a premium model should be seen as support for the site and early access to the model. 


Free Models

Wire Tidy

Cable holder to keep your USB and other leads tidy.  Can also be used to hold pens, pencils, paintbrushes etc.



3D Ball Maze

This model requires an 11mm or 7/16" ball bearing.

Insert the ball and see if you can get it through the maze, it is a 3D maze so you have to turn the cude in all directions including upside down at times.





Premium Models

Desk Tidy

Desk tidy to hold your pens and standard size post-it notes, paper clips, business cards etc.



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