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spiral 3D Model

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This model requires an 11mm or 7/16" ball bearing available on Amazon and other online stores.

The ball ends up embedded in the print and free to move.

Something different to a standard all plastic print.

It was a challenge to get this to print without support so the ball could be inserted and still have the model look good.


Print as shown with flat spine on print bed.

It is important to orient the model across the build plate as this makes it easy to insert the ball during printing.


It is possible to insert the ball during printing, please make sure the printhead is to one side and take a lot of care not to touch the hotend.

If your slicer allows it you could add a pause/wait at a suitable layer to make it easier to insert the ball

The ball should be added about half way through the print, there must be room for the ball to sit below the current layer so that it does not obstruct the hotend.

Print Time: 6h 5m

Filament: 53g

Supports: None

Brim: None

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